Getting Started

Everything you need to know about Gist.

This space contains guides, information on how to set up Gist on your product, and documentation around the components used to build the in-app messages.

Adding Gist To Your Product

Gist for web can be integrated either via Google Tag Manager or by including the JavaScript library.

Google Tag Manager


For native applications, we have dedicated iOS & Android libraries.

iOS / iPadOS


Sending In-App Messages

Gist supports both direct user messages and broadcasts, this means that you can either send personalized messages directly to a specific user or reach an audience within your user base.

If you're looking to send personalized in-app messages or reach an audience using data from your CRM our webhook can help you achieve that.

To reach audiences with no additional integration, Gist offers a feature called Broadcasts. This enables you to schedule and send in-app messages from our app.


If you have any questions or need help setting up Gist you can reach us using live chat or through email.