Using the Gist webhook to trigger realtime in-app messages using campaigns and broadcasts.
Within the campaign / broadcast editor drag the webhook workflow item
Select the newly dragged webhook item, edit the name to something recognizable Ex: Send In-App Message and select Add Request

Update the following details

Add 2 new headers called X-Bourbon-Organization-Id and X-Gist-Service-Key.
The organization id value can be fetched from the integrations section within Gist web app.
In order to have full control over where messages can be queued from, let's create a new Service Key and call it Doing so will give you the possibility to revoke keys whenever they are not used anymore.
To trigger a simple in-app message you can use the following snippet:
"messageId": "the-message-id",
"userToken": "{{}}",
"priority": 1
Replace the-message-id with your message id. This can be fetched from the message settings screen. Note that the above snippet assumes that you'll be using the customer id as a unique identifier.
To test that everything is working properly, try sending a test.
Once you're happy with the result.
Select Done.
Gist gives you the possibility to include additional information within your in-app messages. The full documentation about the Gist webhook can be found here.
If you have any additional questions or need help setting up please let us know.
Last modified 6mo ago
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