Google Tag Manager

Setup Gist for Web in under 10 minutes.

Integrating Gist using Google Tag Manager is very easy and can be done in just a few minutes.

Open your GTM account page and select New Tag

Name the tag Gist, this is located on the top left of the new page.

Click on Tag Configuration, and select Custom HTML

Paste in the following code snippet and change the organization id to match yours. Your organization id can be copied from here.

<script src=""></script>
organizationId: "organization-id-here",
useGuestSession: true

Click on the Triggering section and select All pages.

Click Save

To preview your changes select Preview

Input the URL of your website and click Start

Back on Gist, go to Broadcasts and select Create Broadcast

Create a test broadcast, choose a name, message, add announcements as a topic and pick a start date in the past and an end date in the future.

Click Save and then Publish

Your announcement should appear on your preview site.

Before you publish the changes to GTM make sure you go back to Gist and unpublish the test broadcast.

Now, back at Google Tag Manager, click Submit

Provide a version name and description and click Publish.

That's it! Gist is now setup on your web product. You can now broadcast messages to anyone visiting your site by adding the announcements topic.

For more details on how to further integrate Gist into your product, you can have a look at our official web library documentation.