A simple and fair way to charge our customers.
We love to keep things simple and our pricing model is no different. Once you're done trying out our product for free you can upgrade to Pro.
The plan starts at €99 and includes 1,000 sessions. Any additional session is charged at €0.015c and is valid for 30 days.
This means that if your messages are seen by 3,000 unique users in a month we will charge you: €99 + (€0.015 * 2,000) = €129.
We don't charge per message. Sessions are generated per device and are valid for 30 days, during this period a user can receive multiple messages, only 1 session will be charged.
It is also important to know that we count a session when the user receives a message, meaning that if during a billing cycle no messages are viewed, only the base fee of the plan is charged.